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Sidetracked Home Executives  (revised and updated edition)
(Warner 2001) ~New!

Sidetracked Home ExecutivesEagerly awaited by S.H.E.™ fans throughout the world, the "revised and updated" publication of Sidetracked Home Executives remains a familiar friend.  Everything old is new again:  nearly all of the book is a page-by-page reprint of the 1981 Warner edition.  

Sidetracked Home Executives  
(Warner 1981)

The sisters' first book, S.H.E.™ outlines the 3-by-5 cardfile system to move from "pigpen to paradise". Written at the end of the '70s, this is definitely a "Becky Home Ec-ky" presentation, but it contains the best description of the classic  S.H.E. cardfile system. Readers learn to corral household management, clutter control, and cleaning using a 3-by-5 tickler system. 

Rating: 5

The Sidetracked Sisters' Happiness File  
( Warner 1985, 2012).

Sidetracked Sisters' Happiness FileThe Happiness File (or HF to S.H.E.™ diehards) shows how to use the basic S.H.E.™ cardfile to achieve personal growth. A month-by-month guide focuses on different areas for growth and order--and many S.H.E.s believe this is their best book. 

Rating: 5+. 


The Sidetracked Sisters Catch-up on the Kitchen  
(out of print; Warner 1983)

Sidetracked Sisters Catch Up In The KitchenA kitchen book, companion to S.H.E.™. The kitchen book is out of print, and it's not quite the blockbuster for the terminally sidetracked that S.H.E.™ was. Still, it provides a way out of messy, disorganized kitchens and pantries, and offers help for menu planning and meal prep.  Look for it at public libraries or used book stores.

Rating: 3.5

I'm Okay--But You Have A Lot Of Work To Do 
(available only from P&P; Permanent Press 1988).  

I'm OK ... But You Have A Lot Of Work To DoSelf-published, and it shows, I'm OK outlines P&P's method for family cooperation.  Only available through the official S.H.E. site and largely republished as GYAT, don't waste your time on this one unless  you're truly S.H.E.™-maniacal.  

Rating:  1.


Get Your Act Together:  A 7-Day Get-Organized Program for the Overworked, Overbooked and Overwhelmed  
(Harper Collins 1993).

GYAT is a streamlined version of the Sisters' earlier works.  It introduces a stripped-down version of the cardfile, touches on some of the Happiness File concepts, and reprints much of the earlier "I'm OK" book. Some readers like the S.H.E.™ Lite treatment, others find it doesn't work for really stubborn Sidetrackers. 

Rating: 3.5


The Phony Gourmet
(available only from P&P; HarperCollins, 1995)

The Phony GourmetCommon convenience foods doctored with other common convenience foods are the staple product of P&P's first fling with a cookbook.  Includes such "gourmet" tricks as "Aroma Only"--a method of making the house smell as if you'd been cooking all day.  Involving Bisquick and "frozen garbage", we'll spare you the remainder of the embarrassing details. 

Rating:  (silence)

P&P have published six books; two are out of print, while two others can only be purchased from the official S.H.E. Web site:

Books in print may be ordered at a discount through Amazon.com.  Look for out-of-print books through E-bay or online used booksellers.  


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