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Printable Forms for S.H.E.

Use these free printable forms to jumpstart your cardfile system!  Because we can't offer support for printing problems, be sure to check the  printing tips before you begin. 

Sidetracked Home Executives

Sidetracked Home Executives forms:


Sidetracked Sisters' Happiness File

Happiness File forms:

Want more forms?  Check out OrganizedHome.Com's Household Notebook, and make a family organizer for an organized home!

Printing Tips

Printable pages have been designed and tested as carefully as possible, but we can't guarantee perfect results.  It's simply not possible to predict every available combination of printer, ISP or online service, Web browser and user--or for us to figure out what's going wrong on the other end.  

These pages have been optimized for color printers.  Each page uses a single, large graphic to enhance print quality.  Be patient!  Printable pages will take a few more seconds to appear than other pages.

For best results when printing with Web browsers, find the page setup dialog box.  In Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, click File, then click Page Setup to set printing margins.

Begin with margins at .5 inches for top, bottom, and right edges, while allowing .75 on the left edge if you're planning to put the forms in a binder.  After printing a test form, adjust margins as necessary to center the form on the page.

Remove all headers, footers and optional printing commands by clearing any applicable checkboxes.

Note:  some printers have larger minimum margin requirements.  If so, rely on printer defaults instead of the suggested margin allowances.


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